A chat with Alexis Sobeski, founder, owner, and wellness guide at iSauna

Hey, Alexis. I love this beautiful healing space you’ve created here in Northville. Can you tell us why you started iSauna?

A few years ago, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. As she went through her healing journey, I watched, listened, and learned. I went to some appointments with her and tried many of the therapies she used.

My aunt went to a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, who also used the BEMER. She got IR (Infrared Light) therapy. She saw an energy healer. I discovered that there are lots of effective alternative and complementary therapies that can help people who have cancer–and other diseases, like autoimmune and diabetes–get pain relief and symptom relief. Some people even experience remissions and dramatic reductions of symptoms. But often, by the time people have a serious disease, the focus is on paliation, feeling better, and keeping them comfortable for the time they have left. That’s not enough! 

The more healing options I encountered, the more I realized that we’re doing it wrong in this country. Doctors can only offer what they went to school for. They wait for people to get sick, then treat them. What a way to do medicine! And they can’t go beyond that, but our bodies can. That became my mission: keeping people healthy. 

I never give up. I never take “No” for an answer–especially when it comes to healing. I created iSauna to give people the space and tools to get healthy and stay healthy. I’m constantly telling people: Be your own advocate of your health. 

That’s great advice. So how did you come up with the name iSauna?

Originally, I wanted to call this place Trilogy of Wellness to indicate my commitment to mind-body-soul healing. But that name didn’t transmit the whole of my vision. I wanted something that felt modern, yet also embraced the ancient wisdom traditions of healing. When I thought of the name iSauna, it felt right.

The “i” stands for the individual who comes to us. The “i” who is advocating for his or her own health. Sauna means body and soul. That brings together The Whole. At iSauna, we take care of your body and soul. We offer state-of-the-art therapeutics in a spa-like setting. Everything from our colors to our music to our scents is meant to sooth you from the minute you walk in. At the same time, our equipment is the best available. I did–and continue to do–tons of research, choosing therapies supported by scientific studies to reduce inflammation and improve health. 

You can probably tell I’m very passionate about helping people be their healthiest possible.

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I definitely love the feel here. It’s such an interesting juxtaposition of high-tech and “Aahhhh.” So, how did you choose this equipment? Is it similar to the saunas we see at the gym?

Everything I chose reduces inflammation, since inflammation underlies most serious diseases in the body. Chronic inflammation is recognized as a major contributor to chronic diseases from heart disease, depression, and cancer, to Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue syndrome. Some scientists even talk about “inflamm-aging”—the concept that the genes and pathways that control inflammation may be the key drivers of aging and disease. So every piece of equipment at iSauna has anti-inflammatory effects.

We have many therapies available. That gives our clients options. There are protocols in place for various conditions and goals. We design a program for each individual who comes in that supports their health and wellness goals. 

What we do here goes way beyond a day at the spa or popping into a sauna at the gym. Our equipment is medical grade with lots of studies to support the benefits. I’m always educating people who come in, so they can make the best choices for themselves.

Got it. So is iSauna for those who have illnesses or conditions now–or is it preventative?

Both! People come to iSauna for a wide variety of reasons. Some have pain or mobility issues due to cancer, arthritis, or autoimmune diseases, and our therapies give them the pain relief they seek. When you reduce inflammation, that reduces swelling, improves digestion, and makes movements more comfortable. Most clients also notice better mood and better sleep.

Other people initially come because they want to reduce wrinkles or lose a few pounds. Then, as they use our therapies, they notice that their anxiety has reduced and they have more energy. They tell us that pains that they assumed were just part of natural aging are vanishing.

When we reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, that has a healing effect. It helps people with serious and minor symptoms. It also helps prevent the onset of disease symptoms. It’s a shift in our way of thinking and living. And, it’s ironic, but you may never see the best effects of the iSauna lifestyle. That’s because the therapies may prevent disease from developing.

In a nutshell, our therapies improve health–no matter what your starting point. When you make taking care of your body and soul a priority, you improve your health and the quality of your life. That lets you live younger, longer.

Interesting. Can you give us an idea of how your treatments look in practice? 

iSauna offers high-tech, touchless therapeutics in a spa-like setting. For most of our therapies, you lay down on a bed or in a pod and relax. Individual treatments take from just eight minutes to 40 minutes. 

An example of an intensive healing and wellness protocol is my ULTIMATE YOU PROTOCOL. This three-step process takes about an hour, so it’s easy to fit it into your day. All of these devices have tons of research and it’s hard to sum it up, but we describe everything when clients come in for services. 

Why do you have memberships? It seems the individual pricing would be more profitable for you.

Some people do come in and buy just a few sessions. This can be a great option for people who want a day at the spa to relax and rejuvenate, for someone who wants to improve skin appearance for event photos, or to alleviate pain from a recent injury.

I’m all for destressing, looking better, and feeling better, but my ultimate mission is creating healthy bodies, minds, and souls. That doesn’t happen in one or two sessions. Creating a healthy body demands commitment. It’s a lifestyle choice and is where my passion lies. That’s why I make memberships the best value for my clients. Memberships are designed to encourage people to make iSauna part of their wellness routines so they stay healthy and vibrant for a long, long time. 

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Are there other benefits outside of health and wellness that you gain from using these therapies?

Definitely! When you heal on the inside, it shows on your face and you feel it in your bones. And the anti-inflammatory effects of our therapeutics often result in weight loss. In that way, I’d say that all of our therapies have anti-aging or youth-building benefits.

For people who are specifically interested in a more youthful appearance, our localized cryotherapy treatment is used to rejuvenate and tighten skin. It also activates collagen to produce more cells, reduce pore size, and eliminate puffiness.

Another great treatment for skin is POLY, short for polychromatic light therapy system. POLY rejuvenates skin and provides anti-aging effects, such as improved skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also great for treating acne or scarring. 

Thanks, Alexis. I can feel your passion for healing and healthy living. Any final words?

A lot of times, people come to me as a last resort. That’s the wrong way to look at it. They want their first treatment to be their last treatment (heal everything). I tell them, “That’s not what I do. Decades of damage cannot be reversed in one day.”

I’d say that our driving principle is enhancing mind, body, and soul. We lay the foundation for people to get healthy from the inside out, so they may live a healthy, longer, younger life. 

I’d love to show anyone reading around! Call us at 248.679.4555 to schedule a time to tour our facility.