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Mission & Story

iSauna isn’t just a sauna place. We’re the connection between people and health.

At iSauna, keeping our customers healthy is what drives us to provide innovative solutions, which is why we offer everything from Rejuvenation to Relaxation.

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How We Started

The more healing options I encountered, the more I realized that we’re doing it wrong in this country. Doctors can only offer what they went to school for. They wait for people to get sick, then treat them. What a way to do medicine! And they can’t go beyond that, but our bodies can. That became my mission: keeping people healthy.

I never give up. I never take “No” for an answer–especially when it comes to healing. I created iSauna to give people the space and tools to get healthy and stay healthy. I’m constantly telling people: Be your own advocate of your health.

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The iSauna Brand

Originally, I wanted to call this place Trilogy of Wellness to indicate my commitment to mind-body-soul healing. But that name didn’t transmit the whole of my vision. 

The “i” stands for the individual who comes to us. The “i” who is advocating for his or her own health. Sauna means body and soul. That brings together The Whole. At iSauna, we take care of your body and soul. We offer state-of-the-art therapeutics in a spa-like setting. At the same time, our equipment is the best available. I did–and continue to do–tons of research, choosing therapies supported by scientific studies to reduce inflammation and improve health.

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Whether you’re looking to refresh your body, purchase new cosmetics, or just say hi, iSauna happily awaits your message.

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